We can define a green Sukabumi stone as a natural stone that contains help to minimize the heavy metals & contaminations levels in the pool water. So, it is important to know the Perfect way to maintain green Sukabumi stone.

Actually, you do not need to use a sealer when you use it for your landscaping. Unless you install the tiles on your pool’s waterline. Meanwhile, some other kinds of natural stone require sealing. However, this green stone’s low absorption rate & strong water resistance make it impermeable to the elements. So, it will be less work for you as well as longer life for your landscaping.

Although you do not need to seal green stone pool tiles below the waterline, it still requires regular cleaning. For this, natural detergents are ideal. While a simple soap & warm water also belongs to an effective solution. Anyway, make sure that you use a smooth bristle brush to scrub it to maintain its good quality.

Guidelines and The Perfect Way to Maintain Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone

Sometimes, you really need to clean it in certain conditions. Below, we provide the Perfect way to maintain green Sukabumi stone correctly.

1.      Removing stains

Of course, reactive removal of marks and proactive cleaning are different. For organic stains from substances like tea or coffee, it is Perfect to remove them with chemical cleansers containing alkaline.

Inorganic stains from dirt, cement, lime-scale, or rust, it requires cleaning chemicals. This method is more effective against inorganic stains. In this case, it is ideal to use ones containing acid and surfactants.

2.      Removing yellow discoloration

Many people choose this stone for its beautiful green hue. However, yellow discoloration may occur. So, you should know the Perfect way to maintain green Sukabumi stone. Actually, you don’t need to worry about yellow staining.

In this case, you just need to use an alkaline chemical cleaner that is diluted with water. Then, you can directly splash it onto the stone. After that, wait for 2 minutes. Finally, use a soft brush to clean the stain evenly.

Because of its premium quality, it is reasonable if Sukabumi stone price is high enough. Therefore, you have to maintain it well. You also need to know how to remove mud from it. We know that we can easily remove mud. You just need a soft plastic or nylon brush as well as a neutral stone cleaner. Then, make sure that the mud is hard before you spray it with the detergent. So, you can brush it away.

That’s the Perfect way to maintain green Sukabumi stone. Of course, you can clean and maintain it easier if you buy the Perfect-quality stone to begin with. And, Stone Depot is the Perfect choice when it comes to green Sukabumi stone.

Why Choose Green Sukabumi Stone?

Choosing the right material for construction or decoration can be a daunting task. However, the green Sukabumi stone, with its outstanding features and benefits, makes this decision easier.

Durability and Strength

One of the key reasons to choose the green Sukabumi stone is its exceptional durability. The stone’s hardness and resistance to weathering make it an ideal choice for outdoor applications.

Versatility in Design

The green Sukabumi stone’s unique colour and texture make it a versatile design element. It can easily fit into various architectural styles and colour schemes, providing a refreshing burst of natural beauty.

Health Benefits

As mentioned earlier, the green Sukabumi stone contains zeolite, which has the ability to purify water. This makes it an excellent choice for swimming pools, as it can help keep the water clean and clear.

How to Buy Green Sukabumi Stone

You can easily buy this stone. Just feel free contact Stone Depot at: https://wa.me/+62 813-9283-8231 (WhatsApp), [email protected] (Email), +62 231 8491546 (Fax), +62 231 8802888 (Phone).Before you deal with the sales contract, you will receive the Proforma Invoice. After dealing, the manufacturer will process your order.

It is very important to know the Perfect way to maintain green Sukabumi stone. So, you can keep your landscaping beautiful. Hopefully, these guidelines will help you so much.