Today, you can make your home look elegant with marble Indonesia. As we know, marble belongs to the natural stones with the highest position among other natural stones. Besides that, many people use it to decorate modern construction such as private residences, resorts, or hotels. People like marble because it has a unique abstract pattern. Besides that, the process of limestone metamorphosis takes million years, making it have a high economic value.

You know that selling price of marble will never decrease. So, using marble for your home will make the value of the property rapidly increase. Natural marble stone is a versatile kind of stone you can use for different parts of your house.

You need to know that it has standout characteristics. First, it is anti-scratch. This characteristic keeps this stone sparkling clean even when you use it on floors. Besides that, it is also strong & heat-resistant so that it is appropriate for a kitchen countertop.

In contemporary or modern residences, kitchen countertops usually use white marble that makes it look elegant. With its characteristics, you can make your home look elegant with marble Indonesia. You also don’t need to worry that it will look shady. Because of that, marble has a higher selling value than other types of rocks.

Make Your Home Look Elegant with Marble Indonesia – Types of Popular Marble

Marble Indonesia

Indonesia belongs to the world’s best marble-producing countries. There are 5 regions that produce marble with international standards & quality. Besides that, there are also some popular types of marble. So, before planning a marble house design, you have to know these types.

You may have been familiar with limestone marble. In fact, it is the most popular marble in Indonesia. So, if you want to make your home look elegant with marble Indonesia, you may consider this type of marble. For your information, it has a slightly rougher surface so that it is suitable for pool tiles. Besides that, it is also good to temperature changes. In addition, it is anti-moss and not slippery, too. Other types include:

1.    Statuary Marble

You can identify it easily because it comes with a distinctive pattern of cracks. It has dominant white tone, making it look elegant & minimalist. Usually, people use it for walls, floors, or decorations on pillars. Furthermore, it is available in different finishing options such as acid, honed, and polished.

2.    Green Marble

It belongs to the modification of marble through a process of heating at high temperatures. It has abstract line patterns and dark green tone, making it look exotic. However, people consider it as one of the rarest marbles in Indonesia.

How to Buy Marble Indonesia

It is a good idea to make your home look elegant with marble Indonesia. However, you have to choose high-quality marble. Anyway, marble is a stone that is really worth to invest in.

If you don’t know where to buy it, you can go to Stone Depot. Purchasing marble at Stone Depot is very easy. You can contact us first via 813-9283-8231 (WhatsApp), [email protected] (Email), +62 231 8491546 (Fax), +62 231 8802888 (Phone). Now, your dream to make your home look elegant with marble Indonesia will come true.