Cleaning & Maintenance

How to Removes Stains in Natural Stone

We may find many kind of stains but stains can categorized in 2 type:

1. Organic Stain ; coffee, tea, sodas, gravy, mustard, etc
2. Inorganic Stain ; cement and other building-site dirt, ink, color dies, dirt

Organic Stains

To remove organic stains such as coffee, tea, fungus you can use the chemical that contains alkaline (Ph > 10). We reccomend chemical FilaPS87 to remove the organic stains. FilaPS87 is excellent for basic cleaning of natural stone that are sensitive to acid. This FilaPS87 also ideal for basic cement surfaces.

When diluted, FilaPS87 cleans and removes grease from dirty floors in natural stone. When undiluted FilaPS87 will removes stubborn stains from natural stone tiles.

The good things from this chemical is we got 3 advantages in one product FilaPS87 : Cleaner, Stain Remover and Wax Remover.

With one litre of FilaPS87 with diluted with water 1:5 can be coverage for 30 m2

Inorganic Stains

To remove inorganic stains such as cement, rust stains and other building-site dirt you can use the chemical that contains acid (Ph < 2). We reccomend chemical Deterdek to remove the inorganic stains Deterdek is also product from Fila which is can be removes post-application deposits and building-site dirt. Deterdek also can be eliminates saline efflorescences from terracotta, eliminates lime-scale from floors, showers as well as removes cementious deposits and cleans at the same time because Deterdek is also contains surfactants. Deterdek is also effective agains the rust stains. With one litre of Deterdek with diluted with water 1:5-1:10 can be coverage for 20/35 m2

How to Maintenance Natural Stone

In normal condition with no stains you can use chemical for maintaining natural stone with concentrated neutral detergent (Ph = 7) such as FilaCleaner. Or you can also use soap mixed with warm water and spill it into the stone surfaces and clean it with the smooth brush.

FilaCleaner is the chemical that normally we use as this chemical is cleans but does not attack the surface. This chemical is highly concentrated so can be used at various dilution. FilaCleaner also ideal for maintenance all waxed surfaces, ideal for laminates and has pleasant perfume.

Stone Sealer

Some client dont like sealer because it makes stone looks no more natural. Actually if you still want the stone surfaces looks natural you can just use the stone sealer with the natural look type.

There are two type of the natural stone sealer:

1. Wet look : The stone surface will looks like you put the water on the surfaces
2. Natural Look : nothing change with this type of sealer the different only when you put the water it cant be absord by the stone

How to Ovecome Yellow Stain on Green Sukabumi Stone

Green sukabumi stone sometimes get yellow stone after a while especially when you not installed under the water. This an oxidized reaction after get oxigen from the air. So how to handle this things?. Use a FilaPS87 diluted with the water with 1:5. Then use the soft nylon brush, the yellow stain will gone in 2 minutes.

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